If you are not already a GOC Member we encourage you to print off this form and mail it off with the appropriate funds to the address below.

National GOC Membership has grown steadily since its inception. Currently it boasts over 500 members. The CLUB advertises in some magazines, especially for the Rendezvous, and we encourage our members to contact any Gulfstar they encounter at marinas or while cruising, to entice more members into the CLUB.

The CLUB is the only support for Gulfstar owners and it is financially supported only by its membership fees. In addition, the CLUB is the only medium for keeping the GULFSTAR name active within the boating industry. Feel free to join the discussion forums and post a question if you have further questions about the Newsletter.
Gulfstar Owners’ Club
Membership Application

You may print this form and mail with appropriate US funds to:

The Gulfstar Owners Club

18 Mariners Court
Port Royal, SC 29935

Phone: 843-513-5235